Tissot watches are all time favorites

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If you are a lover of trendy looks and stylish personalities, nothing can make you look more attractive than the Tissot watches.  These watches are manufactured by the Swiss watch company known as Tissot, which was founded in the year 1853 by Charles-Felician Tissot and Charles-Emile, the son of Charles-Felician Tissot. Both of them had a deep knowledge of mechanical working of watches. Their skilled craftsmanship and their dedication resulted into a famous and sturdy watch making company which is now known all over the world for its unique and innovative designs and functioning.

Tissot watches have been the pioneers in creating innovative watches. They started with making pocket watches and have stepped out of the curve by making the Tissot touch watches. This collection makes use of advanced technology. It features the presence of timers, compass tools, altitude difference meter and watches with dial alarm which respond to finger touch. With such customizable features and customizable designs, these watches are the prized possessions for many individuals. The Tissot Company is now a member of the Swatch Group, which is one of the largest watch makers of the world.  There are many collections of these watches.

The Tissot watches for men include T-Trend, Tissot T-touch , T-sport, Sports special, T sport Specials, Heritage, T-classic and various other models. The T classic collection is brilliantly designed for men and has mesmerizing features such as water resistance upto 100 ft and scratch resistant sapphire crystals. The T gold collection has case materials made from 18k rose gold and has automatic self winding function. They are available in various colors in black or brown, silver or golden or made from stainless steel. With various new ranges coming up and these watches have continuously evolved in quality and function and strived to be one of the most sophisticated and classy watches.


Hamilton Watches: the timepieces that augment your style

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When it comes to choosing a watch, every individual demands a watch which adds to their fashion along with functionality excellently. Hamilton Watch Company is specialized in making watches with the top most quality and excellent features. The company was established in 1892 in Pennsylvania, America. Hamilton watches are popular for their innovative designs and superior quality timepieces. These watches are the complete representation of style and finesse combined with durability and accuracy. These watches have stylish look and are blended with the best designs and features. They are designed in a way so that they last for a lifetime.

Hamilton watches are available in different colors and are a symbol of innovation. The cool dials and the smooth movements of the watches are the reasons for the powerful functioning of these watches.  These watches are available for both gents and ladies. The men’s collection includes Hamilton Jazz master, Hamilton Khaki air, Hamilton Khaki Land, Hamilton Khaki Sea, Khaki Pilot, Hamilton Timeless Classic, Khaki aviation and Hamilton the New Classic. The Hamilton for ladies collection includes the range of watches from Jazz masters Lady, the New Classic, Khaki Sea, and the Jazz master.

The Hamilton for gents Auto chrono range of Hamilton Watches incorporates self-winding movement and has silver dials with sapphire crystals and stainless steel case with different types of Straps. The Auto chrono model H32596751 has a black leather strap with 42mm size. It has a water resistance up to 330 feet. The Jazz master Open heart H32565555 is characterized by scratch resistance sapphire with 40mm size and brown leather strap with stainless steel case material. The ladies collection of Hamilton Jazzmaster is brilliantly designed for women. It has water resistance up to 150 ft and is designed with diamonds and sapphire. With the variety of options in these wide collections, these watches strive to offer the best collection of watches.

Oris watches and Longines watches epitomizes class and luxury

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ImageIf you are looking for some variety then you can go for the Oris. It is a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer that was founded in the year 1904. The brand was well known for manufacturing mechanical watches. Georges Christian and Paul Cattin founded it. Oris divides its watches into different subsections. In 2009, the brand released a professional diver’s watch, which had created quite a rage in the market.

Each collection has a sub category. For example, in the men’s collection of Motor Sport watches you can choose the TT3 Day Date. You can get hold of the Motor Sport 635 7589 70 64 MB 8 28 70 from Oris watches collection today. This stunning piece is brilliantly designed for gents. The watches have a self-winding movement with a mesmerizing black dial. The timepiece has water resistance feature and comes with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal. It has a titanium case material and bracelet strap.

Opt for the Oris watches if you are keen on adding some luxury and class to your closet.

Then again, Longines is also a good option if you are looking for style and class. It was originally established by Auguste Agassiz and is at present holding the oldest registered logo for a watch organization. The Swatch Group owns Longines at present. Some of the Longines watches collections from which you can take your pick are Conquest, Belle Arti, Dolce Vita and Heritage.

Buy Bulova Watches For Unique Designs And High Quality Precision

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Luxury watches have become highly popular over the years. More and more designer brands are coming up and offering unique designs and styles in watches. Among them, one such brand is the Bulova. It is known for its unique designs and high quality precision. You will surely find these watches to be a cut above the rest. Bulova watches were first established in the year 1923. It established its operations in New York, Flushing and Woodside. In these places, it made many watch making tools and brought about huge innovations in techniques and designs in watch making industry.

Leading craftsmen of the watch making industry makes Bulova timepieces. Their main aim is to create watches with perfection. Since very long time the brand has catered to the world with quality timepieces. The watches were not only lavish but also recorded immaculate mechanism and accuracy. The watches are available in a myriad of materials and styles. They are absolutely inimitable and remarkable. The brand believes in novelty of technology and designs are so every timepiece that it manufactures is eternally timeless and accurate.

Bulova watches offer a wide collection such as Kirkwood, Gemini, Exeter and Eagle Pilot. You can take your pick from the Kirkwood collection 63A00. It features a sapphire crystal with a steel bracelet. It comes with a water resistance feature of 330 feet. It has a mechanical automatic movement. Then again the 65A102 is also very popular. It comes with a leather strap and a water resistance feature of 50m. The watch movement is mechanical and will give you precise time.

Learn About Tag Heuer Watches And Its Collections

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Tag Heuer watches is very popular in the watch industry. They are mainly known for their chronographs and luxury sports watches. Being in the market for over a century, this brand is now recognized as a leader in the watch industry. It was Eduoard Heuer who founded the company. Tag Heuer was founded in the year 1860 and it has been since then that the company is ruling the watch industry.

What is it that has made the Tag Heuer watches so popular? It is their quality, precision and reliability. It is because of these features they have been recognized in the sports industry as official timekeepers for several events. The events where these watches played a great role include Indianapolis 500, Olympic Games of 1920 and Alpine Skiing. However, these are just a few of the events; there are many in the list.

These Tag Heuer timepieces are just perfect for people who give immense importance to accuracy and time. There are even some situations that demand reliability and accuracy. For all these cases, the watches from Tag Heuer are a solution. A lot of people depend on the consistency and accuracy of these watches. There is in fact a long list of celebrities, Hollywood stars and sports icons who rely on accuracy and constancy of these watches. Tiger Woods, Steve McQueen, Brad Pitt and Uma Thurman are just a few to name.

Presently, Tag Heuer’s collection includes Aquaracer, Carrera, Link and Monaco. The watches in the Aquaracer collection are mainly designed for watersports. Their designs are popular with everyday wearers as well. It is also their accuracy and ability to endure pressure that has made Aquaracer one of the popular Tag Heuer watches in the industry.

The Carrera line is known for its aesthetic appeal and elegant design. Motorsports fans are also very fond of these Tag Heuer timepieces. The Carrera line is mainly a tribute to the popular Panamerica event that was held in Mexico in the year 1950. It is also a tribute to durability and ruggedness. These watches have become popular among both men and women.

Men and women are also very fond of Tag Link watches. The brand has in fact established itself as a premier athletic watchmaker with Link line. These timepieces are basically sport watches but their specialty is that they go well with traditional dresses as well. The designs of the Tag Link timepieces have become well known among athletes and everyday wearers.

There are also the Monaco Tag Heuer watches in the line. They are water-resistant watches and epitomize high style, modern innovation and progressive thinking.

There is really a Tag Heuer timepiece for every individual. The difficult part for any purchaser would be its selection.

Learning Some Interesting Things On Swiss Army Watches

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If you are interested to learn about Swiss Army watches, then this article can be of great help to you. This article will give you a glimpse about everything that you would be interested to learn about the watch brand. Right from the history of the brand to its emblem and label, its early timepieces, military style watches, automatic wristwatches and pocket watches, you can learn about a lot of things when you go through this write-up.


Wenger and Victorinox were two Swiss companies that were established at the end of the nineteenth century. Both these companies manufactured Swiss Army cutlery. But, in 1988 Wenger started producing stylish and rugged men and women’s watches other than knives. Then Victorinox acquired Wenger in the year 2005. However, it has been since then that Victorinox is manufacturing Swiss Army Watches  for men and women keeping the high quality of the timepieces in mind.

Emblem and Label

The designer of the Swiss Army watches, Victorinox, has used a cross in a shield as its emblem since 1990. Earlier, they made watches with just ‘Swiss Army’ on the dial but now in each of the luxury timepieces you will see one more word added before Swiss Army. The word added is Victorinox and this addition is basically the celebration of having been in the industry for 125 years.

Early Timepieces

Early timepieces of this brand contained quartz movements and they were durable, utilitarian and inexpensive. The brand was already popular among the householders for its knives and so Swiss Army wasn’t a completely new brand to people. And it is this thing that the watch brand capitalized on for marketing its timepieces. However, after Victorinox acquired Wenger, it focused on adding fashionable and expensive dress watches to the collection.

Military style

Swiss Army’s Night Vision II military style quartz timepiece epitomizes the basic design of the watchmaker. It characterizes the iconic logo of Swiss cross against the red shield on black, round dial. The watch is water proof to 50 meters, has a date calendar and features a stainless steel bracelet. There is a light module, which provides 3 various sources of light: blue LED dial illumination, LED flashlight and a red LED multifunction light.

Automatic wristwatches

The brand provides automatic and quartz watches. So, this means Swiss Army watches require very low maintenance, they do not have to be wound, they do not have a battery and is known in the market mainly for its mechanical quality. The timepieces are wound through the motion of wearer’s wrist. They are just ideal for outdoors and sport enthusiasts because they never stop running unexpectedly.

Pocket watches

The brand manufactures a limited line of desk alarm and pocket watches. Their pocket watches feature mineral glass crystals, stainless steel cases, chains along with leather pouches and second time zone dials.

Bulova Watches: Why Are They So Popular

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People from all over the world are fond of Bulova watches. But why Bulova and not any other watch brand—this might be the question that is revolving on your mind. It is mainly their unique designs and high quality precision that makes them set apart from the other watch brands.

The finest quality craftsmen are used to manufacture the timepieces of Bulova. These craftsmen create each of the luxury and fashionable watches with perfection. The company in fact manufactures classy timepieces and is doing so since 1990. It has even promised deliver the same quality to its wide range users to in the coming years.

People fist came to know about Bulova watches when they saw the advertisement on New York station WNBT channel on television in 1941. It was just shown before the match of baseball between Brooklyn Dodgers and Philadelphia. At that time, the brand in order to make people aware of its products paid about nine dollars for its commercial.

Today, the company is well known all over the world and this credit need to be given to the company itself. Just read about the history of Bulova and what it achieved or how it did so to earn this good repute in the industry.

The establishment of the company took place in the year 1875. At that time the name of the company was J.Bulova Company. Later in the year 1923, the name of the company was changed to Bulova Watch Company. In 1979, the creator of the company, Joseph Bulova, became as essential part of Loews Corporation and it was all after this that the company began to establish its business in different places like Flushing, Woodside and New York. In all these parts of the world, the firm made huge innovations in techniques and designs and created a number of tools for making superior quality watches.

In 1960, the company got involved in two remarkable incidents. Firstly it was able to sell Accuton, which is considered as the best collection of Bulova watches, for the first time in the marketplace. And secondly, it had to face an incredible space age conflict with Omega watch brand. The competition was based only on one subject. It was all about which brand was the first one to be on moon. However, as far as the use of the instrument panel clocks and time-keeping mechanisms in spacecraft for the first time is concerned, it was Bulova’s Accutrons.

As the company began to grow popular, it started to sell pocket watches. It even started manufacturing wristwatches. Regardless of what kind of Bulova watches you are looking for, you can be assured that every timepiece can be fixed up without any hassle. They are basically stylish and trendy watches and tell a lot of an individual when worn.

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