Hamilton watches draws a great influence on the lives of several people. These unique timepieces were made over the course of almost more than hundred years. This company is solely responsible for designing the finest quality watches that are mainly used by the people of US and the people around the country. The best part about this company is they have been making wide variety of watches for years satisfying the needs and tastes of the customers. They are now a part of the Swatch group and are still making great timepieces.

In many places it is seen that the watch industry has been strictly following the footsteps of the premium Hamilton watches. Being an age old company, still Hamilton is coming up with new and attractive designs for the present generation. Introducing newer models of watches within competitive rates is all what the company aims at. The company went popular for taking part in several major events of the nation. It launched series of watches at that point of time, which mainly reflected the enthusiasm and spirit of the nation. One of the most popular examples would be the making of the Yankees and Piping Rock wrist watch series to mark the achievement of the Yankees in the World Series in the year 1928. Today, the company is highlighted for playing the pioneering role in the areas of cinema, aviation, digital and electric technology. These timepieces come in unique shapes designs and personality with a combination of the Swiss technologies and American spirit.

If it is history we are talking about, and then let’s learn things about Ball watches as well. History says that the development of the American watch industry can be associated to the advent and consequential development of American railroads. Before the advent of trains as a medium of transporting goods and people, there was in fact no such requirement for uniform or precise timekeeping. However, at the end of 1883, the railroad industry agreed to divide the nation into four main time zones thereby adopting Standard Time. It was in the same year when Webb C.Ball, the first designer to make use of time signals and bringing the accurate time frame to Cleveland. He was given the responsibility to testify the tension that occurred between the trains at Kipton in the year 1891. His arbitration included putting forward the strict guidelines to create timekeepers with magnetism to resistance and proportionate timekeeping in 5 different positions. All these became the driving force behind instituting the watch industry all across the world.

Features that made Ball watches popular worldwide includes its gas light, anti magnetism, water resistance, shock resistance, crown protection system, DLC, controlling movements, and cold temperature endurance. Equipped with the ‘micro gas light technology’, these watches are known for their ‘accuracy under adverse conditions’ since 1891. Presently these timepieces are manufactured in Switzerland and are popularly known for its quality and precise accuracy. So, what are waiting for?  Choose any of the timepieces from the list and wear the one that suits your taste and comfort.