There are lots of things to know about Michele watches and Tag Heuer watches.  Read the article below to know about them in details

When you hunt for luxury Swiss watches what is that attracts you the most? Is it the exquisite designs or the refined elegance? Whatever be your preference, Michele watches would fulfill all your desires. This particular timepiece has a long association with the women of elite class. It is the contemporary designs and unique styles that made it popular amongst the people of different generation.

Originated in Belgium in the year 1940, Michele Watches is popularly known for its unique designs and styling. Initially the concept of creating this watch came from the famous watchmaker Maurice Barouh. Later with his son Jack Barouh, who became the founder of the brand, Maurice succeeded in creating more matchless designs. This success story was a stepping-stone towards launching the ‘MW collection’ for women in Florida. CSX Diamond was the first timepiece that was an instant hit amongst the watch lovers.

Barouh’s third generation, Jeremy and Michele joined Jack’s company in 2000 and 2002 respectively. With their joint effort, the company raised fire in the entire watch-making industry. The company designed unique pieces like the CSX-Diamond Chronographs that simply drove people crazy. Michele was named ‘A watch market star’ by a famous American Time Magazine.

Michele always focused at producing watch-wears maintain the age-old tradition of design and quality with just a brush of sophistication. Each of the pieces come in extraordinary shapes, contemporary designs and striking touches of colors. The designs feature richly textured dials and luxurious leather straps.

The Michele watches bears the touch of class, which has been carried forward from the three generation of famous Swiss watchmakers. It was their expertise and knowledge that has led this company to produce perfectly balanced chronographs in array of styles. The credit goes to Jack Barouh for creating wrist-wears that was complete unique and separated from any other watches in the industry. It was his dedication and eccentricity towards making every small pieces of the wear that captured people’s attention. No matter what, he always had a keen eye for every little thing he created.

Like the Michele wrist-wears, Tag Heuer Watches also has a long history.  It too speaks about creating brilliance and sophistication in the entire industry. Heuer, the Swiss luxury watchmaker is mostly known for producing chronographs and sports watches. He has been creating avant-garde collection since 1860. The company’s first creation is the ‘oscillating pinion’ in 1887, which is still used by the major watchmakers for the mechanical chronographs. Heuer achieved a copyright for the “Time of Trip”. This was the first dashboard chronograph designed for the use in aircraft and automobiles. In 1914, he introduced the first wrist chronograph. ‘Autavia’ was the next dashboard timer introduced in 1933 for the aviation and automobile sector. He continued manufacturing chronographs for the German air force pilots from 1935 to early 1940s. Then, in late 1950s came up the fresh series of dashboard timers. Chronographs designed between 1970s and 1980s also deserve a special mention. The current lines of Tag Heuer Watches include Aquaracer, Formula One, Grand Carrera, and soon.