People from all over the world are fond of Bulova watches. But why Bulova and not any other watch brand—this might be the question that is revolving on your mind. It is mainly their unique designs and high quality precision that makes them set apart from the other watch brands.

The finest quality craftsmen are used to manufacture the timepieces of Bulova. These craftsmen create each of the luxury and fashionable watches with perfection. The company in fact manufactures classy timepieces and is doing so since 1990. It has even promised deliver the same quality to its wide range users to in the coming years.

People fist came to know about Bulova watches when they saw the advertisement on New York station WNBT channel on television in 1941. It was just shown before the match of baseball between Brooklyn Dodgers and Philadelphia. At that time, the brand in order to make people aware of its products paid about nine dollars for its commercial.

Today, the company is well known all over the world and this credit need to be given to the company itself. Just read about the history of Bulova and what it achieved or how it did so to earn this good repute in the industry.

The establishment of the company took place in the year 1875. At that time the name of the company was J.Bulova Company. Later in the year 1923, the name of the company was changed to Bulova Watch Company. In 1979, the creator of the company, Joseph Bulova, became as essential part of Loews Corporation and it was all after this that the company began to establish its business in different places like Flushing, Woodside and New York. In all these parts of the world, the firm made huge innovations in techniques and designs and created a number of tools for making superior quality watches.

In 1960, the company got involved in two remarkable incidents. Firstly it was able to sell Accuton, which is considered as the best collection of Bulova watches, for the first time in the marketplace. And secondly, it had to face an incredible space age conflict with Omega watch brand. The competition was based only on one subject. It was all about which brand was the first one to be on moon. However, as far as the use of the instrument panel clocks and time-keeping mechanisms in spacecraft for the first time is concerned, it was Bulova’s Accutrons.

As the company began to grow popular, it started to sell pocket watches. It even started manufacturing wristwatches. Regardless of what kind of Bulova watches you are looking for, you can be assured that every timepiece can be fixed up without any hassle. They are basically stylish and trendy watches and tell a lot of an individual when worn.