Oris watches and Longines watches epitomizes class and luxury

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ImageIf you are looking for some variety then you can go for the Oris. It is a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer that was founded in the year 1904. The brand was well known for manufacturing mechanical watches. Georges Christian and Paul Cattin founded it. Oris divides its watches into different subsections. In 2009, the brand released a professional diver’s watch, which had created quite a rage in the market.

Each collection has a sub category. For example, in the men’s collection of Motor Sport watches you can choose the TT3 Day Date. You can get hold of the Motor Sport 635 7589 70 64 MB 8 28 70 from Oris watches collection today. This stunning piece is brilliantly designed for gents. The watches have a self-winding movement with a mesmerizing black dial. The timepiece has water resistance feature and comes with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal. It has a titanium case material and bracelet strap.

Opt for the Oris watches if you are keen on adding some luxury and class to your closet.

Then again, Longines is also a good option if you are looking for style and class. It was originally established by Auguste Agassiz and is at present holding the oldest registered logo for a watch organization. The Swatch Group owns Longines at present. Some of the Longines watches collections from which you can take your pick are Conquest, Belle Arti, Dolce Vita and Heritage.


Longines & Hamilton Watches – The complete package of Elegance and Beauty

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Research says that nowadays customers are more into wearing vintage timepieces as the present age is mostly interested in trying out old styles. This is the reason both Longines Watches and Hamilton Watches are in now high demands.

Smart watch is always considered to be an ideal object of beauty. May it be the luxury watch or the sports watch, everyone desires to have a fine timepiece that suits their personality. If you want to go with the present trend and also stick to the old style then nothing could be better than the Longines Watches. Longines is the most established brand in Switzerland that has been serving elegance and precision in designing unique sports watches since 1832. In the industry over 175 years, the brand was set up to reflect a strong devotion to the sports world. It has been recognized as the official timekeeper at the world championships and an official partner of cosmopolitan sports federations.

Unlike some of the famous high-end organizations, Longines is an international enterprise that has franchises in more than 130 countries all across the globe. This Swiss brand has been ruling over several years and has created a history in watch making. With an excellent prominence in designing fine timepieces with the winged hourglass emblem, this brand kept earning the best-seller’s name all through the years. What made the brand special is its openness towards diverse cultures and markets that figured out the character of Longines watches.  It is its outgoing, undisguised and eclectic nature that has made the company stands out from others.

It is in the year 1832, when Auguste Agassiz popped into the world of watch making by building a partnership with a ‘watch making counter’ in Saint-Imier. Earlier, he took the entire responsibility of the company and named it “Agassiz & compagnie”. At that point of time, the company worked on assembling watches as per the “établissage” procedure. Manufacturers used to work from home and created trade links that allowed the company to sell its timepieces across the world, especially in North America. Soon in the year 1850, a nephew of Agassiz named Ernest Francillon took over the management and worked on improving the traditional watch making manufacturing process. To bring the entire project to perfection, Francillon hired one of his young relatives and continued working to acquire success further.

Like Longines watches, Hamilton Watches are also a complete blend of luxury, style and sophistication. Established in the year 1892, the main objective of the Hamilton Company was to manufacture timepieces of high quality and taste. With ‘quality’ being their primary goal, the firm expanded to build the “American Finest Watch.” The very first time keeper made under the famous name Hamilton was ‘an 18-size 17- jewel pocket watch’ in the year 1893. Just within the following six years, he earned eminence for creating pocket watches of highest value and quality. If you are looking for the best and stylish collection of watches then Longines and Hamilton Watches would be your perfect choice. Both of these brands designs watches for both the genders and they are distinguished as the vintage timepieces. Not only the last few decades, but these watches are still ruling in the present age as well.

Characteristic features of Longines watches

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Among the various wrist watch brands in the market, Longines watches have occupied a huge portion. This time pieces not only show time but also show date, day, and has other features like reminders, alarms, self emerging light and soon.

Wrist watches have become an important fashion accessory nowadays. People wear them in today’s world not only to check the time but also to portray their personality and style. The more fashionable a wrist watch is the more is the demand of it. If a watch doesn’t have that stylish look and merely gives the time, people won’t prefer buying them. Watches that show time, day and date, have features such as reminders, alarms and comes up with self emerging light are much more in demand among consumers. Some timepieces are even water resistant. Longines watches are one of them.

Longines watches are best suited for divers. This means even if you jump into the pool forgetting to take out the watch from your wrist, you can remain tension free of it being damaged in water. Moreover, what makes the brand more unique is that most of its products come in a combination of brush and polish finish along with a luminous light blue dial. Longines is always in forefront of technological innovation and has launched its first timepiece in the year 1905. It also gained huge popularity for manufacturing the thinnest electromagnetic watch and first cybernetic in the world.

The brand is a Swiss luxury watch maker having a prestigious and long history. Auguste Agassiz is the founder of Longines. Presently it is owned by Swatch Group. You can find different types of Longines watches for both men and women. You can choose from a wide range of collection which includes Master Collection, Evidenza, Dolce Vita, La Grande Classique, Hydro Conquest, Heritage, Spirit, Admiral, Conquest and Grand Vitesse. All types of wrist watches from this popular brand offer a unique combination of elegance and precision. They are famous for their high quality movements and accuracy.

Women are very fond of Longines Dolce Vita collection. These watches are considered to be the most elegant wrist watches for ladies. Having a rectangular shape stainless steel case along with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass and quartz movement, Dolce Vita wrist watches comes in varying color dials and leather bracelets. This style of watch ranks as the most stylish ladies Swiss timepiece.

Men prefer wearing La Grande Classique watches. Their dials are made up of mother-of-pearl and come with either hour markers or roman numerals. The bracelets are available in gold, stainless steel or black leather. You may find many styles of wrist watch come and go but this style will never fade out from the fashion industry.

Although it is true that Longines is preferred by all fashionable men but when it comes to buying durable time pieces nothing beats Luminox watches.  They are trendy, sturdy and rugged. These watches are considered to be the perfect accessory when it comes to displaying the qualities of a man. Movado watches are also gaining popularity in the recent times among fashionistas.