Learn About Tag Heuer Watches And Its Collections

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Tag Heuer watches is very popular in the watch industry. They are mainly known for their chronographs and luxury sports watches. Being in the market for over a century, this brand is now recognized as a leader in the watch industry. It was Eduoard Heuer who founded the company. Tag Heuer was founded in the year 1860 and it has been since then that the company is ruling the watch industry.

What is it that has made the Tag Heuer watches so popular? It is their quality, precision and reliability. It is because of these features they have been recognized in the sports industry as official timekeepers for several events. The events where these watches played a great role include Indianapolis 500, Olympic Games of 1920 and Alpine Skiing. However, these are just a few of the events; there are many in the list.

These Tag Heuer timepieces are just perfect for people who give immense importance to accuracy and time. There are even some situations that demand reliability and accuracy. For all these cases, the watches from Tag Heuer are a solution. A lot of people depend on the consistency and accuracy of these watches. There is in fact a long list of celebrities, Hollywood stars and sports icons who rely on accuracy and constancy of these watches. Tiger Woods, Steve McQueen, Brad Pitt and Uma Thurman are just a few to name.

Presently, Tag Heuer’s collection includes Aquaracer, Carrera, Link and Monaco. The watches in the Aquaracer collection are mainly designed for watersports. Their designs are popular with everyday wearers as well. It is also their accuracy and ability to endure pressure that has made Aquaracer one of the popular Tag Heuer watches in the industry.

The Carrera line is known for its aesthetic appeal and elegant design. Motorsports fans are also very fond of these Tag Heuer timepieces. The Carrera line is mainly a tribute to the popular Panamerica event that was held in Mexico in the year 1950. It is also a tribute to durability and ruggedness. These watches have become popular among both men and women.

Men and women are also very fond of Tag Link watches. The brand has in fact established itself as a premier athletic watchmaker with Link line. These timepieces are basically sport watches but their specialty is that they go well with traditional dresses as well. The designs of the Tag Link timepieces have become well known among athletes and everyday wearers.

There are also the Monaco Tag Heuer watches in the line. They are water-resistant watches and epitomize high style, modern innovation and progressive thinking.

There is really a Tag Heuer timepiece for every individual. The difficult part for any purchaser would be its selection.


Know More About Tag Heuer And Michele Watches

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Nowadays designer watches are a huge craze. Every fashionable men and women are having designer timepieces in their wardrobes. In fact, all fashionistas are wearing them to make a fashion statement. Putting these watches on the wrists and walking in malls, parties and other social events have become a trend. If you want to be a trendsetter, all that you need to do is buy Michele watches from an online store with few clicks of mouse. 

First let us peep into the history of this designer brand. It is a three-generation watch making company. Maurice Barough first started the company in Geneva. Being an experienced watchmaker, he taught the trade of making Michele watches to his son, Jack.  Maurice’s son later on moved to the states to set up shop. Michele is Jack’s daughter from whom the company derived its name.

CSX Diamond was the first watch from the brand and that was just the beginning. A lot of phenomenal creations came from this company later on. Some of the popular styles of Michele watches from which you can take your pick are Deco Noir MWW06A000700. It is a stunning piece from the Blanc and Noir collection. The quartz battery movement used in the watch is absolutely precise. It has a unique black enamel dial that comes with a k-1 mineral crystal. The bracelet comes in black patent leather and a black PVD hard coating case.

Among the other collections from which you can take your pick is Caber Classic MWW16A000038. It is available in a mother of pearl dial and a scratch resistant sapphire crystal. The case and bracelet is made of stainless steel and is gold plated.

The company has gained great success due to their philosophy, integrity, quality and looks. However, if Michele is not your choice you can even go for Tag Heur.  It is a Swiss luxury watch brand that is known for its chronographs and sports watches. This watch brand is committed to craft only quality and unique timepieces.

Once you come across any Tag Heuer timepiece their bold and big dimensions will mesmerize you. The watches are known for their precision and accurate functions. Some of the Tag Heuer Watches even comes with waterproof features. Many leading celebrities and sportsmen have sported the watches.  Exquisite materials such as mother of pearl, diamonds, and 18 carat gold are used when designing these timeless fashion accessories. The ladies watches are demure and elegant in comparison to the men’s watches.

So, what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and get a mesmerizing timepiece for yourself. These Tag Heuer Watches are available online. Just a few clicks of the mouse and you will be able to make your purchase.



Learn More About The Steel, Ceramic And Diamonds 36mm Tag Heuer Watches

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ImageTag Heuer is a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer. The brand has gained popularity mainly for its chronographs and watches. Presently the brand has a huge collection of watches for men and women. Among the many Tag Heuer watches collections, Formula 1 happens to be the most popular one. Here in this article we will discuss about a particular model of Formula 1 collection. It is the steel, ceramic and diamonds 36mm timepiece for women that we are going to discuss about in detail.

A feminine yet bold 37mm case circumference in stainless steel gives a support to the Formula 1 bezel, which sets 84 Wesselton diamonds. Twelve deep black superior class ceramic inserts highlights the glistens by contrast, making the timepiece evocative of an alluring flower. The beautifully designed smooth bracelet with a feminine touch, the striking combination of polished stainless steel and black ceramic, is held safe and secure by the butterfly folding clasp, which is made of stainless steel.

The dial heart looks complete with the fifty-four shining Wesselton diamonds and ten stones, the date window at 3 and the 3-dimensional monochromatic logo. Every single diamond is set with four stainless steel beads. Polishing every jeweled part of this watch needs high level of skills to ensure that the setting provides utmost level of luster without loosening any of its stones.

So, like any other watches Tag Heuer watches also are popular for their features and functions. This particular model of Formula 1 collection has polished steel case and hands, ceramic fixed bezel, sixty-four Wesselton diamonds on dial, date window at three, eighty-four diamonds on bezel, a monochrome logo of the brand; polished steel bumpers, steel, crew-in crown, screw fitting case black and a scratch free sapphire crystal to provide excellent durability. The luminescent markets on minute and hour hands are legible easily underwater and in dark. The watch is also water resistant to 200m and the strict manufacturing standards and rigorous testing ensure this.

A quartz movement characterizes the timepiece. The movement is generally powered by battery. The regulator is a quartz crystal. The electric current causes crystal to vibrate consistently at a high frequency. This gives the movement a perfect precision. The quartz movement used by Tag Heuer watches is accurate and very reliable. They are made in the country of Switzerland and distinguished by outstanding resistance to magnetic fields and shocks. For more security, the brand’s quartz timepieces except the chronographs are fitted with an EOL or end of battery life indicator. When the seconds hand begins to make four-second jumps in every 4 second, it means the battery is weakening. However, the quartz movement keeps on displaying the right time unless the battery gets exhausted.

Different Types of Tag Heuer and Michele Watches

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If you are looking for exquisite watches to gift to your loved ones this summer choose to go for watches from Michele. There are different collections of watches offered by this brand they include the Deco watches, CSX watches, Ceramic, Carousel, Urban, Caber, Butterfly, Blanc and Noir, Sport Sail, Jelly bean, and Jetway watches. Today Michele Watches is a leading name in the watch industry. It is a part of Fossil the international leader in the watch market. This brand has a bigger position and strength after it became a part of Fossil. Although a part of the publicly traded company it still operates as a family business.

Browse through the online stores and find out the model number MWW06P000006 from the Deco Day collection. It comes with a quartz chronograph and has a wonderful white mother of pearl dial. This watch has a water resistance feature of 150 feet. It also has a scratch resistant sapphire crystal. The timepiece comes with a traditional buckle and a light pink alligator strap. If you are planning to gift your sister, model MWW03T000010 from Carousel collection will be just perfect. The appearance of the watch is very attractive. The white enamel dial comes with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal. With a solid case back, a fixed bezel and a Michele Watches logo you will find this timepiece to be absolutely exquisite.

However, nothing can beat the class and elegance of the watches from Tag Heuer. It is a Swiss luxury watch brand that is well known for its chronographs and sports watches. The company has its roots in the year 1860. The company’s bold and innovative spirit has taken it to a higher scale. The brand continues to be one of the leaders in the watch making history. Many celebrities have been associated to promote this wonderful brand. Tag Heuer Watches offers different collections for men and women from which you can choose.

The Carrera from men’s watches is quite popular. It has a bold spirit and has been reinterpreted and reinvented many times and remains a legend in the history of watch making. The watch is a combination of leading technology and heritage style. Many motor racers choose to wear Carrera. It has a large open face that shows the flange and the dial that makes it easy for reading the seconds. The refined and eternal design evolves to suit the newer tastes of the customers. It is a must-have piece for all watch lovers. Then again the Monaco watch is also quite popular among the Tag Heuer Watches. It has a square waterproof case and has a very smart design. The domed sapphire crystal reveals tiny aspects of the dial. The automatic movement can be seen through a sapphire case back.

Whenever you choose to sport these watches you will definitely make a bold style statement. Whether you are buying it for yourself or planning to gift you can choose to buy either Tag Heuer or Michele Watches depending on your preference. Purchase online and you are sure to get a good price for your buy.